Privacy Policy

We will tell you what information you provide to us and how we ensure the confidentiality of the transmitted data

Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies to information (including personal data) that you provide to Binadax Corporation when using the Binadax trading platform through the website (hereinafter referred to as the Site) and / or the Binadax mobile application (hereinafter referred to as the Mobile Application). All further references to the site and the Binadax mobile application are equivalent.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Customer Agreement.

The information you provide is jointly collected and processed by Binadax Corporation, registered in accordance with the law and providing access to the Trading Platform (hereinafter — the “Company” or “we”).

We assure you that we take all measures necessary to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data that you provide to Companies.

We encourage you to carefully read this Privacy Policy. By registering on the site, you fully and unconditionally agree to its terms.

  1. Information you provide to us
    1. Like most websites, we use cookies.
    2. Some cookies are needed for the normal operation of the site and used without obtaining your additional permission. These files include:
      1. Cookies necessary to identify the source from which the transition was made to the site;
      2. Cookies containing the session ID of the user on the site
    3. We also collect and process data about your device, including the IP address (Internet Protocol address) and browser configuration.
    4. When registering on the site, we ask you to provide your email address. In the future, you can optionally enter your name, surname, date of birth, gender, phone number and country in your personal account on the site.
    5. When replenishing an account on the Trading Platform, our partners (financial institutions and payment system providers) receive and process information containing your payment details, including a bank card number, its validity period, CVC / CVV code, information on a credit / financial institution and / or to the issuer and other data depending on the means of payment, as well as your first and last name. Also, upon request of the payment system or payment system provider, we can provide them with the data of your passport or other identity document, email address, telephone number (in case these data are indicated in your personal account).
    6. Providers of payment systems process such information during the period you use the Company's services and delete it to achieve processing goals, unless the law requires or allows you to establish a longer period for storing such personal data.
    7. A prerequisite for our cooperation with payment system providers is that they fulfill the requirements of the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).
    8. During verification, we request from you a copy of the page spread (page) of a general passport with a photo and personal data or a copy of the front and back side of the ID card, as well as payment details. In some cases, we may request your current utility bills, an agreement with a bank to open an account, scanned copies of bank cards or other documents, if the information you previously provided does not allow you to fully identify your identity.
    9. We collect and store data on your financial activity and other actions on the Trading Platform, as well as information contained in the web server reports (including the interface language, browser type, date and time of the last visit).
    10. From time to time, we may ask you to fill in the questionnaires necessary to improve the quality of services, for statistical purposes or to comply with applicable laws. Sometimes when filling out a form you will be asked to provide your name and email address.
    11. When contacting the Company's support service, we ask you to include your first and last name, e-mail address, as well as information about the disputable situation (if there is a dispute).
    12. In order to comply with international legislation on countering the laundering of proceeds from crime (Anti-Money Laundering, AML), and adhering to the principle of "Know Your Customer", KYC, we are entitled to ask you for other information and data, a list established according to relevant laws, including information about the sources of your income.
    13. Please note that in most cases, if you do not provide the necessary information, we cannot provide you with the service requested by you.
  2. Legal grounds
    1. We collect and process your personal data only if:
      1. They are necessary for concluding an agreement on the provision of services (Customer Agreement) in accordance with your request and its further execution;
      2. You have given us your consent to the collection and processing of such data, including through the acceptance of the terms of the Client Agreement and the Privacy Policy when registering on the site;
      3. Such collection and processing are necessary to comply with the requirements of the applicable law;
      4. Such collection and processing are subject to our legitimate interests, while we always strive to maintain a balance between our legitimate interests and the preservation of the confidentiality of your personal data.
  3. How do we use the information you provide?
    1. The information received about you allows us to provide quality services, develop existing and create new services.
    2. Your data, obtained using cookies and similar tools, provides the functionality of the site and improves the quality of the services provided.
    3. The data collected when visiting the site is necessary to ensure the operation of the Trading Platform and its subsequent analysis, as well as to provide you with information in the form most convenient for you. For example, such data makes it possible to determine the language of the Trading Platform user interface and the account currency.
    4. The data provided during registration and verification (including last name, first name, patronymic (if any), gender, date of birth, nationality, e-mail address) are used to contact you, as well as to provide you with the most accurate and personalized information. In addition, the data obtained by us during verification is necessary to ensure the legality and security of the Company's services.
    5. Information about your financial activity and other actions on the Trading Platform, as well as information from the web server reports, is used to protect your funds and block the access of fraudsters to your account.
    6. We may use the information you provide, including your name, e-mail address and telephone number in order to send you system notifications and advertising materials, including through phone calls, SMS messages and other methods not prohibited by applicable law. You have the right to unsubscribe from the Company's mailing and calls at any time by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link in an email from the Company, disabling the corresponding option in your personal account on or by contacting the Company's support service. We are committed to promptly responding to your request to unsubscribe from all types of letters (except for transactional notifications), as well as to refuse to receive calls and SMS messages.
    7. From time to time we may send notifications about changes in the work of the site or the conditions of service to your email address.
    8. In addition, we need your data in order to personalize the content of the site and show you relevant advertising.
    9. The data you provide when contacting the Company is necessary in order to record the fact of your appeal and give a complete answer in the shortest possible time.
    10. In case we need to use the information provided for other purposes, we always ask for your consent. In the case of automated processing of personal data, we ensure that such processing does not have any impact on you.
  4. How long do we keep your data?
    1. We store your personal data during the entire period of validity of the Customer Agreement concluded with you and delete them to achieve processing goals.
      1. In some cases, the law requires you to store personal customer data for a longer time. This means that sometimes we will store your personal data even after the termination of the Customer Agreement. Such cases include, inter in particular, the investigation of fraud (including potential fraud), as well as the prevention of the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means and the financing of terrorism.
  5. Your rights
    1. Regarding the information you provide, you may:
      1. Request a complete list of your personal data that is processed by the Company;
      2. Initiate the procedure for making corrections and clarifications to them in case of detection of inaccuracies and errors in such data;
      3. Request a copy of an electronic file containing your personal data processed by the Company;
      4. To demand that we suspend the processing of your personal data;
      5. Require that we delete your personal data or stop processing it.
    2. This list of rights is not closed and may include other rights established by applicable law.
    3. Please note that your right to demand, suspend or terminate the processing of your personal data and / or delete them is not absolute and may be limited by applicable law, including (but not limited to) the requirements of AML & KYC legislation. In addition, in some cases the exercise of this right may serve as a basis for the termination of the provision of services to you in connection with the restrictions established by applicable law.
  6. Information we provide to third parties
    1. We do not provide your personal data to third parties not connected with your actions on the site Persons to whom we may transfer your personal data, process them on our behalf and strictly in accordance with our requirements, instructions and Privacy Policy.
    2. Such persons may include:
      1. A limited number of employees of the Company and employees of persons affiliated with the Company;
      2. Professional auditors;
      3. Professional dispute resolution organizations;
      4. Payment systems;
      5. Payment system providers;
      6. Service providers that significantly affect the performance and operation of the Trading Platform.
    3. For promotional purposes, as well as for generating statistics, we provide information that does not contain your personal data to the Google Analytics service.
    4. Due to the nature of our business, we use the CloudFlare cloud service, through which we can transfer and store information, including your personal data. However, such information is hosted on servers in the European Union and the United States of America.
    5. We can also transfer information to countries outside the European Economic Area. The level of protection of personal data in these countries may vary.
    6. However, our partners in such jurisdictions are always bound by contractual obligations to maintain an adequate level of protection of the transmitted data, and we take all measures depending on us to ensure the confidentiality of the information you provide.
    7. In the case of companies participating in mergers and acquisitions transactions, it may be necessary to transfer your personal data to our future partners, and we guarantee the confidentiality of such data.
    8. With your consent, we may provide information about you to companies, organizations or individuals not listed in this Privacy Policy.
    9. We may disclose your personal data in the event that such disclosure is necessary for:
      1. Compliance with the requirements of legislation, a court decision or a request of a state authority or state authority;
      2. Ensuring compliance by users of the Trading Platform with the Client Agreement and conducting internal investigations;
      3. Preventing, detecting, preventing and investigating cases of fraud, as well as improving security systems on;
      4. Protection of the rights and property of the Company and users of the Trading Platform and society as a whole;
      5. In other cases provided by law.
  7. Technical information protection
    1. To ensure the security of information provided by users, we have implemented special rules and technical measures to protect information. Thus, all operations carried out on the site, are securely protected.
  8. Passwords
    1. When registering on the site, you specify your email address and set your own password for your account.
    2. We do not have the right to make changes to such data and cannot be held responsible for how you ensure their confidentiality.
    3. We ask you to immediately report any unauthorized and other suspicious activities related to the use of your account.
  9. Use of services by minors
    1. The site is an open resource, but is not intended for use by persons under the age in accordance with the law of their country.
    2. In the event that we become aware that a minor person has provided or attempted to provide his personal information for registration on the site, we delete such information from the servers of the Company.
  10. Changes
    1. From time to time, we may make changes to this Privacy Policy, but the content of such changes will never limit your rights with respect to your personal data to a greater extent than is set by applicable law.
    2. In the event of changes, they will take effect from the moment that the amended text of the Privacy Policy is posted on, unless a different time period for the entry into force of the changes is specified. We inform you of such changes by e-mail.
      1. If you do not agree with the amended edition of the Privacy Policy, we ask you to stop using the services of the Company and block your account on the website via the interface in your personal account or by contacting the Company's customer support service using the contacts listed in section 12 of the Customer Agreement by pre-withdrawing funds from your account in the Trading Platform.
  11. Contacts
    1. If you have any questions or would like to receive additional information concerning the processing of your personal data, to clarify their list, to withdraw your consent to such processing, please contact us at: [email protected].